ECG Facilities - Ecuador

Summary: ECG offers a focused product line with very low prices for volume buyers. If you are looking for cocoa butter for cosmetics, this facility is the one to consider. To take advantage of the best pricing, you will want to keep customizations to a minimum. The facility is a good fit for large buyers looking for standard products at low prices. Be patient if you have custom requests, such as organic or fine-flavored beans.

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Beans: This ECG processing facility focuses on high-volume production from traditionally roasted cacao beans. Customization is NOT their specialty. They work with a mixture of a seasonal blend of beans allowing them to offer a fantastic price on a highly targeted product line. This focus makes them an excellent option for large businesses looking for the most competitive prices.

Products: Cacao paste, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cocoa butter unscented

Certifications: Kosher, FDA registered, USDA Organic, H.A.C.C.P

Customizations: Special requests for USDA certified organic and 100% fine-flavored cacao are available—please make allowances for additional time and costs.

Samples: Samples will go by DHL, FedEx, or Ecuadorian Postal service. Samples provided are not free. The least expensive shipping option for samples is the Ecuadorian Postal Service which starts at about $90 for express service of up to 1 kilo.

Order Size: Minimum of 1 metric tonne.

Shipping: Easy access to both the seaport and international airport. If you are buying over three metric tonnes, then you will get the best price shipping by container.

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Pricing: Lowest prices, lowest flexibility.

Cacao Beans From Ecuador

These bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

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