Be Cacao — Working With Small Farmers , Creating Big Flavors

BeCacao is an Ecuadorian chocolate manufacturer famous for the creation of pralines representing the exotic aromas and flavors of this highly diverse country—BeCacao is known for the very apt phrase 'Ecuador in a Box of Chocolate.' As a new generation chocolate maker, BeCacao focuses on a collaborative mix which empowers the small, local, cacao producing communities with critical information and experiences from the consumer. This helps the small farmer continually improve their growing and post-harvest methods while continually supplying a top quality cacao bean for BeCacao—whose goal is to produce chocolate with a range of flavors as diverse as the country from which it originates. 

BeCacao Works with Small Farmers

With about 95% of Ecuadorian cacao being produced by small farmers, BeCacao understood the importance of working directly with farmers in a collaborative model bringing farmers critical information from the consumers in the cacao supply chain. At the start of their project, BeCacao visited a wide variety of cacao plantations in Ecuador to personally know and understand the growing, fermenting and drying process from all of the growing regions in Ecuador. Next, they experimented with various recipes in the laboratory and created their proprietary cacao paste recipe which paired perfectly to the range of flavors they were envisioning for their consumer products to be distributed internationally.

Ecuador in a Box of Chocolates

A box of 'real culinary gems', the exquisite Ecuadorian flavors which seduce all senses—including filled pralines, figurines, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, chocolate filled cups, and creamy truffles. 

 Praline Flavors Include

  • ANDEAN BLACKBERRY—Andean blackberry and chocolate mousse
  • COAST PASSION FRUIT—Passion of maracuya fruits from the Ecuadorian coast
  • TANGERINE—Filling with scented with tropical tangerine
  • CITRON & MINT—Crafted mint fondant with a touch of lemon
  • AMAZON LEMONGRASS—Amazon lemongrass mixed with creamy white chocolate
  • ROSE PETALS—Perfumed caramel inspired by Ecuadorian roses
  • HAZELNUTS—Unique blend of Ecuadorian cacao beans and hazelnuts
  • MOCHA-CINNAMON—Dark chocolate filling with cinnamon rainforest from the Amazon & Galápagos Islands
  • DULCE DE LECHE—Milk caramel fudge from the Ecuadorian highlands
  • SALT TOFFEE—Soft caramel with a pinch of salt from the Ecuadorian coast
  • COFFEE—From the Galápagos Islands

'Be Season' Line of Seasonal Chocolates

This is a line of small chocolate figurines for the various festivals held throughout the year including an Italian Gianduiotto colored Easter eggs, turtle-shaped Chocolate with Galapagos coffee bean, and intense dark chocolate with Ecuadorian cinnamon for the Christmas season.


'Be Treats' Chocoalte Covered Fruits & Nuts

Small chocolate treats made from Ecuadorian ingredients in various shapes, sizes, and textures with a 70% chocolate.
  • NUTS—Chocolate covered nuts
  • FRUITS—Enrobed with chocolate
  • CHOCOLATE BARK—Nuts & fruits
  • MENDIANTS—Chocolate round with nuts & fruits

'Be Expert' Functional Chocolate Designs

  • SPOONS—Chocolate spoons perfect for ice cream, fruits, coffee, or mousse
  • SHOT GLASS—Something special for cocktails, licores, or creams
  • COPA ESTRIADA—Chocolate cup designed for holding ice cream, fruits, and mousse
  • TULIPAN—Chocolate cup designed for holding ice cream, fruits, and mousse
  • TAZA—White chocolate cup for holding ice cream, fruits, and mousse
  • HEXAGONAL CUP—Delicate cup for licores or creams

'Be Truffle' Real Culinary Gems

  • THE HIGHLANDS—Three types of chocolate flakes surrounding a creamy milk chocolate
  • THE AMAZON—Hazelnut cream, hazelnut, and creamy dark chocolate
  • THE COAST—A balance of dark chocolate, rum, and toasted coconut


Cacao Beans From Ecuador

These bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

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