Cacao Honey— Delicious Nectar from the Pods

Cacao Honey from EcuadorCacao honey is great for creating new recipes for sauces for fish and meats as well as salad dressings just for starters. It is a perfect ingredient for anyone looking to create a new product line, to expand their chocolate offerings, sell in their stores and at fairs, and create new dishes and recipes at gourmet restaurants.

During the Salon de Chocolate last month in Cumbaya, Ecuador, there were two booths that had this cacao honey. I had never heard of this before and was extremely dubious about it as well—I don't know of any part of the cacao that is anything like honey.

The first booth selling this cacao honey had BBQ sauce made from it, I tasted it and it was really good, so I bought a bottle. Then as we were leaving I was taking photos of the last booths and started chatting with an Ecuadorian Chef attending the booth. He practically forced me to try this cacao honey and he did a much better job explaining what it was and how to use it—then I understood what this was. It was gold!

I rushed to find Geomar who is a trained Chef. He needed not only to try it but find out how we could export this. He tried it and loved it, of course. When we explained to him that this ingredient would make the base for sauces and all types of new products—just like the BBQ sauce I bought. We began to imagine the possibilities for this in restaurants as sauces for fish, meats, salad dressings just for starters.

Really, this cacao honey is great for anyone looking to create a new product line to expand their chocolate offerings and sell in their stores and fairs. The most similar ingredient to the cacao honey would be something like a balsamic vinegar reduction except this cocoa honey is more complex and has a brighter flavor.

We are currently working out the details to get this product ready for export to the United States by the end of the year or early next year. We expect the product size to be somewhere between 1/2 and 1 gallon. We cannot wait to introduce it and see all the fun new products everyone will create from this.

Cacao Beans From Ecuador

These bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

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