Cyril Chocolates: 83% Dark Chocolate Taste Test

Cyril Cafe EcuadorCyril Boutique is a Parisian style cafe located in the business district of Quito, Ecuador near the intersection of 6 Diciembre & Portugal Avenues. The boutique is full of decadent French-style desserts, exotic ice cream flavors, homemade bread, cheeses, and a wide range of Cyril chocolates. There are chocolate bars, chocolate covered fruits, chocolate bars filled with dried fruits and nuts, as well as an amazing array of chocolate sculptures including a chocolate sculpture of the Eiffel Tower. We'd love to take you inside and show you all the wonderful goodies, but, due to privacy reasons, they don't allow photos in their facilities.

I must confess, this is not really a fair test because I do frequent this cafe and I know that everything here is just out of this world. My favorite treat is a raspberry pastry with a flaky crust and cream cheese and nut filling. In full disclosure, I might sometimes grab a Cyril chocolate fruit bark, which I enjoy on my way home from the market.

Cyril Cafe EcuadorAnd now, since we are taste testing the flavors of the National Cacao of Ecuador (Arriba cacao), we put Cyril chocolates on our list to formally taste test their dark chocolate bar. Today I got their 83% dark chocolate bar for our taste test. As we all sat at the table eagerly awaiting today's test, we got our notepaper and below are our thoughts about the packaging and taste.

The packaging is elegant with rich and understated colors, it would appeal to both the general consumer & gourmet consumers alike—the understated and classic design signals to the buyer that something exquisite resides inside. The bar itself has a strong, minimalist design reminiscent of the Art Deco style from the 1930s—a time when attention to detail was important. Opening the wrapper the chocolate gives a strong wild fruit aroma, with perhaps a hint of currants. The chocolate would be sensational accompanied with a bottle of sparkling wine with ripe cheeses, and maybe some raspberries or dates to compliment the natural fruity essence of this bar. — Geomar

At a glance, the presentation is elegant, with simple colors that appeal to a demanding customer. The chocolate has a strong aroma that makes you want to eat the bar right away; its aroma is filled with the elusive flavor of various fruits. The chocolate dissolves easily when you bite into it and it has a pleasant and rich chocolate flavor with hints of wild fruit at the end. This is really a great bar and with the feeling of exclusivity, it will make a great gift. — Veronica

The initial impression is simple and elegant—it suggests there is something very special inside. The presentation appeals to the upscale consumer and has a matching price tag as well. Opening the bar you get a strong hit of the classic fruity aroma you would expect from the National Cacao of Ecuador. For a dark bar, the consistency was surprisingly creamy and smooth without harsh or bitter flavors. The chocolate is rich with just a hint of sweet. The finish is smooth with a pleasant lingering chocolate flavor with a hint of fruit in the back of the mouth. — Michael

Cyril Chocolates: Summary & Pricing

We really enjoyed everything about this bar. The presentation was simple and elegant which is a great prelude to the fine product inside. It's not an inexpensive bar but does lend itself as a nice treat for yourself or for someone special.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, cacao butter The ingredient deck does not list sugar or other ingredients.

Retail price: $3.82
Product weight: 40 grams
Price per gram: .0955
Price per pound: $43.26

Cacao Beans From Ecuador

These bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

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