Exquisite Flavors at La Casita de Chocolate


Darline Bucaran, one of the founders and owner of the La Casita de Chocolate arrived in Ecuador from the United States in 1987 where she fell in love with the place. After living in Ecuador for a while, she came up with the idea to manufacture fine Ecuadorian chocolates and specialty desserts with a very special touch—filling a missing niche in the local chocolate and dessert market here in Ecuador. She started the business in 1991 and the response has been tremendous with the variety of unique chocolate flavors being very well received.

The key to her success is simply the recipes—they are completely unique and no other recipes compare to it. These unique recipes are the fruit of years of effort, hard work and lots, and lots of research in addition to the very best ingredients and tropical fruits of Ecuador. Darline's chocolates are filled with flavors including orange, pineapple, mango, raspberry, tangerine, passion fruit, guava, coconut, macadamia, strawberry and more. All of this culminates in a great variety of chocolates with an exquisite and delicate flavor, rich in fruity aromas and nuances of flavor—the nuts add an extra dimension creating a brand that appeals to the most demanding palates.

In addition to the fine retail line of fine chocolates, La Casita de Chocolate also offers a wide variety of cookies & cupcakes. The cupcakes have flavors that include green apple, cherry, peanut butter, pineapple, berries, pistachio and more—and, if that is not enough, you can even design your own. The cookies range from chocolate chip and lemon raisin cookies to a delicious chocolate nut bar.


La Casita de Chocolate won the title of Cake Boss in (Quito Sweet Fest), the most internationally known pastry contest run by "Buddy" Valastro. The competition had very strict requirements, said Darline, the final product was judged on the following elements: include "Quito, Cultural Heritage of Humanity", artistic expression, technique used, accuracy, cleanliness and of course taste.

The Winning Cake & Its Features

The winning cake was chocolate with passion fruit Arriba cacao ganache. The symbolism on the four layers are as follows: On the first and second levels, we see the front entrance of the church "La Compañía, Santo Domingo, San Francisco y La Catedral" and in the third level we see a tribute to the balconies in the historic district of Quito, which has a tradition of being filled with flowers. On the top level, we see the main altar of the church with the painting of La Dolorosa surrounded by cherubs as a tribute to the Spanish Baroque style. The cake is crowned with a replica of the "Virgin of Quito", which is located in the Panecillo, in the South of Quito. At the base, there is a set of allegorical figures dedicated to the traditions of Quito and its endearing characters: Don Evaristo, Father Almeida, the cucuruchos, the devils of cantuña, children playing marbles and also wooden cars.

La Casita de Chocolate produces a range of designs of filled chocolates, bonbons, truffles, chocolate covered nuts, cookies, and pastries. When you are in Quito, you can find their products at the following locations:

  • Centro Comercial el Bosque - main floor, Tel: 02 227-4697, 02 325-0133
  • Centro Comercial el Bosque - second floor, Tel.: 02 292-0941
  • Quicentro Shoping - Tel.: 02 243-4789
Photo Credits: Virgin of Quito

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