Organic Cacao Butter : How to Enjoy its Many Benefits

Benefits of Cocoa ButterHacienda Aníbal Vera is an organic family cacao plantation dedicated to the commercialization of organic cacao butter. If you visit the hacienda you can see century old fine flavored cacao trees which are a tribute to the natural heritage of Ecuador and are the source of cacao butter.

While some people know of cacao butter, it is a relatively unknown product and can be difficult to come by. And for those in the know, this product is widely recognized and sought after for its beneficial nutrients for the skin.

Hacienda Aníbal Vera has cacao trees that were planted in 1906 1917, and 1950 which currently provide organic cacao butter to select national and international specialty markets. And, while the Hacienda does produce other cacao products, they predominantly focus on the production and marketing of their cacao butter with their goal to educate consumers about the benefits it provides—such as being an excellent source of natural antioxidants.

How is Organic Cacao Butter Produced

Organic cacao butter originates from the raw cacao bean which goes through a pressing process to extract the oil. First, the cacao beans are ground for up to two days until the bean forms a liquid called 'cacao liquor.' When the beans are in this the liquid state, the oil, known as cacao butter, can now be accessed through a pressing process. The pressing process extracts the cacao butter and leaves behind a 'cacao cake', which can be turned into a cocoa powder.

Cacao butter is solid at room temperature and can take a very high heat before burning. The cacao butter, like any other chocolate product, should be stored in a dry, cool location. Organic cacao butter has a soft and very pleasant smell of chocolate, and because of its emollient properties, it has a smooth and silky texture.

Reduce Inflammation: The rich blend of fatty acids and antioxidants in cocoa butter make it an ideal choice for people who want to reduce inflammation of the skin. Whether you apply cocoa butter to psoriasis, eczema, rashes, or other types of inflammation on the body, you can find quick, soothing relief, combined with a delicious aroma. This can also be achieved through the consumption of cocoa butter in the form of chocolate, which is how most people choose to access these health benefits. Despite the negative impact that excess fat can have on the cardiovascular system, some early research is showing an improvement in inflammatory condition in the heart when treated with moderate amounts of cocoa butter.

How Cacao Butter is Used

Anti-Aging, Body Butters, & Skin Health: Cacao butter is high in antioxidant compounds, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Cacao butter is very moisturizing when used on the skin making it popular for its use in the field of beauty or health. Because of its antioxidant qualities, organic cacao butter has been used to protect the skin from internal and external environmental forces that can cause irritation and has been used to reduce the signs of aging. Cacao butter can be used as a skin mask—using a very low heat, just warm up the butter, then apply a little to the face, legs, hands, etc., giving the area a gentle massage. One widespread use of cacao butter is a lip lubricant or for healing cracked lips.

Removing or Reducing Scars: Some people report that cacao butter can be used on the skin to prevent stretch marks in later pregnancy & scars although studies on this are inconclusive.

Hair Health: Cacao butter has also been used to increase hair quality—Cacao butter moisturizes hair by helping to improve overall appearance and strength, has also been linked to a low incidence of hair dandruff and healthy hair follicles, thus reducing hair loss.

Cacao Butter Brings Business Opportunities

For those looking for business opportunities, distributing cacao butter offers many. For example, this is a product that food importers can make use of distributing to clients that would use this product in their manufacturing processes. Also, this product is used by chocolatiers, chocolate makers, candy makers, fancy restaurants & bakeries, gourmet schools & specialty shops. Cacao butter is also found in online stores—I have personally seen the product out of stock on many occasions. And, of course, another potential market is Health, beauty & cosmetics—You can even start your own niche product line.

Cacao butter, for its high benefits, makes it a product that can be used in many different ways—buy the organic cacao butter when possible and enjoy its natural benefits.

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