Pacari Chocolates Changed the Chocolate Game

Picari Chocolates from EcuadorPacari Chocolates is a family business that works using carefully selected organic ingredients. The young brand entered the market in 2002 and was created by Santiago Peralta and Carla Barbotó in Ecuador. The work and effort in this chocolate are reflected in the magnitude that it has revolutionized the chocolate industry—not only in Ecuador but throughout the region of Latin America. Pacari means "nature" in Quechua, the name was chosen to evoke everything that represents Pacari Chocolates—the best products of the earth, 100% natural.

The fundamental characteristics of Pacari begin with carefully selected ingredients, Pacari conserves the delicate flavors of the fine aroma Ecuadorian cocoa and uses it to create its bars and other chocolates. All of their products are pure 100% Ecuadorian ingredients and are free of soy, dairy, gluten, chemicals, and GMOs.

Organic Pacari Chocolate

Picaro Chocolates are produced using organic foods and quality production methods, which means that at no point in the value chain are chemicals used to achieve the final product. Great care is taken in the production process of the bars to maintain the natural characteristics of each of the carefully selected ingredients. Various native fruits are added to the cacao creating a wide range of fun and healthy bars. These Andean fruits and ingredients are known for their amazing nutritional, energizing and refreshing properties. These ingredients are grown organically and biodynamically, which helps preserve the high nutrient content and low-calorie content qualities of these foods. Pacari products can be classified as 'Superfoods'—100% natural origin with a high percentage of nutritious and healthy elements that are even suitable for children.

Pacari Chocolates is a chocolatier of great prestige in Ecuador, known for its quality of chocolates and a wide variety of Andean ingredients. This chocolate offers an unforgettable experience along with knowing they are supporting the conservation of diverse ecosystems.

Cacao Beans From Ecuador

These bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

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