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2 Tahitian Vanilla Pods ***FREE SHIPPING***



2 Tahitian vanilla beans, each 15cm grown in Ecuador.

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Tahitian vanilla has the most floral aromas among the different types of vanilla, and it is also well known for notes of ripe fruit. It has a delicate and complex flavor of chocolate, cherry, anise, and caramel. Many chefs prefer the Tahitian vanilla beans for dessert making.

Weight: 3.10 grams each bean–Approximately 146 pods per pound
Size: 15cm
Grade: A/Gourmet
Moisture content: 30-35%
Packaging: Plain glass vials ready for your branding and labels
Country of origin: Ecuador

These Tahitian vanilla beans are supple and moist with oils visible on the outside of the pod. When held, they will leave a residue of the vanilla oils on your fingers. These beans are soft and will wrap around your finger without breaking.


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