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60 Tahitian Vanilla Pods


Unit cost is $4.50 each.
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We work directly with the plantation owner and are able to offer great prices on these Tahitian vanilla beans because there is no middleman.

Vanilla beans are one of the most expensive spices in the world because each step is highly labor intensive. Manual steps including hand pollination, hand drying and fermentation, and hand grading make the cost of vanilla just second to the price of saffron.

Tahitian vanilla has the most floral aromas among the different types of vanilla, and it is also well known for notes of ripe fruit. It has a delicate and complex flavor of chocolate, cherry, anise, and caramel. Many chefs prefer the Tahitian vanilla beans for dessert making.

Weight: Approximately 146 pods per pound
Size: 16cm
Grade: A/Gourmet
Moisture content: 30-35%
Packaging: Vacuum sealed in bulk presentation ready for your brand and labels
Country of origin: Ecuador

These Tahitian vanilla beans are supple and moist with oils visible on the outside of the pod. When held, they will leave a residue of the vanilla oils on your fingers. These beans are soft and will wrap around your finger without breaking.

Each bean is individually measured, inspected, and selected before being hand-packed in high-quality vacuum sealed bags to maintain freshness.

Why is Vanilla so Expensive?
It takes about three years to get the first vanilla flower with maximum harvests starting after eight years.

Additionally, the flower cannot pollinate itself, and other insects, including common honey bees, cannot access the pollen. Because of this, the vanilla flower must be hand pollinated during its short bloom time of 4-5 hours.

After pollination, the beans take about nine months to grow before harvest. After harvest, there is a process where the beans are dried and cured—a process that can take 3-6 months and will vary among growers and climate.

When the fermentation and drying of each bean are complete, each vanilla bean is hand-sorted for various characteristics such as length, overall quality, and defects. These vanilla pods are then hand packed and shipped to the destination country.

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