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Helping Buyers Save Money by Connecting Them to Sellers of Cacao, Cacao Derivatives, and Vanilla in Ecuador

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If you are a wholesale buyer of cacao, cacao derivatives (like nibs, coveratura, cocoa butter) or Tahitian vanilla and looking to save on the cost of purchasing these commodities, we can assist you in making connections to these facilities in Ecuador.


If you are looking to eventually export over 1000 pounds of cacao products, making direct connections at the source might be a good option for you.  Purchasing/exporting 1000 or more pounds of cacao products is generally very cost effective.  

1) The first step is to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. 

2) Based on your requirements, we will look for the best fit with your needs with one of the processing facilities we work with.

3) We will assist in arranging samples to be sent to you from the processing center. Note that samples and paperwork for 1-4 pounds of samples can run about $100-$230.

4) Once you have tried your samples and upon your request, there are some processors that work with where we give direct introductions. In these cases, we will schedule a  conference call with the facilities in Ecuador and introduce you to them.  Most of the facilities we work with do speak English.

5) You can then work directly with the processing facilities if you choose.  We can also help with future orders as well.

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Items in the wholesale store are products we have in our local inventory and can easily be purchased online.


Our Tahitian vanilla is grown in Ecuador and can be purchased online.  The prices listed are wholesale prices. We have samples of Tahitian vanilla packaged 2 to a glass vial at excellent prices.

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