Veritas Artisan ChocolatesThese bars made with the beans from Royal Cacao are absolutely the best we've ever made! They are unbelievably delicious! Thanks Michael for sending such quality cacao.

Veritas Artizen Chocolate

We loved the cacao.

Tumeric Latte mix,
Cottesloe, Australia

"RoyalCacao is not only unique in its approach to business, which is truly collaborative and helps in the transformation of a traditional investment-oriented business to a modern-day impact investment. As a guest who stumbled in the hands of Michael Philips, currently serving as the supply chain manager, I have benefited from his generosity and his itchy appetite to help anyone get ahead of this line of business if at his company's expense. I consulted him on Twitter and in spite of not knowing him previously.

RoyalCaco has a rated team of experts, that will open up to anybody for help, be it a prospective entrepreneur seeking to get ahead of the packed in the industry as was my case or just wanting to broaden your overall knowledge about cacao. Michael Philips, the supply chain manager has been influential in my small start-up business here in Cameroon, Africa through online mentoring.

His coaching has impacted our farmers and brand. He was the person who guided us through upgrading our website which has recently increased visibility to our services and products. To have a rival company show you the rope of success really isn't always so easy. This show of professionalism only makes us envious and at the same time hungry to understand what makes RoyalCaco unique to its clients. RoyalCacao is truly love.

Celvastine Tendi—
Agribusiness Market Research and Investment Consulting,
Cameroon, Africa