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Cacao Pod Dried—Whole


Making the dried cacao pods is a straight forward process.  The live, fleshy cacao pod is cut into the desired shape then the pod is set out in the sun to dry.  In about two weeks, the pod is completely dry and the fleshy skin from the live cacao pod is now much thinner and has the consistency of wood.

Once the dried cacao pod has reached this state, it's ready for use.  It is common for these dried pods to be used in craft making, candles, containers for holding display items and even chocolates.  They are frequently used for educational purposes and displays on vendor tables for chocolate sales or demonstrations.  We have included a series of images showing how these pods have been used for crafts and for displays.

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We have a small volume of these in our local inventory which can be purchased directly on this website.  Larger volumes with discounts are easily purchased and will be shipped to you directly from the farm in Ecuador.  Just contact us to place a wholesale order.

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Example of an open live cacao pod: 

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