What We Do

We work directly with local cacao farmers, cacao collaboratives, and local fabricating plants in Peru and Ecuador helping to introduce their fine-flavored Arriba & criollo cacao, vanilla, and other spices to our clients in the international marketplace. We are all very excited to be in a position where we can help introduce these products and also personally answer the many questions our buyers have as well.

After a year of planning, we have exported our first shipment of fine flavored Arriba cacao beans, cocoa nibs, and cocoa butter to the United States. All products are purchased at fair trade prices or above and may or may not have the costly Fair Trade certification. We have copies of all certifications.

Introducing an Origin to the Market

We help the farmer or collaborative refine their fermentation process, run lab tests, and send samples to our artisanal bean-to-bar producers and chocolate makers in the US and UK for taste testing. When possible, we work with farms assisting them in the creation of documentation and getting all possible certifications. When a new origin is introduced, we set the price very competitively to encourage buyers to try the new origin. Over time, when the cacao has developed a following, the pricing will adjust to fair market pricing.

Our Visit to a 100 Year Old Cacao Forest

A scenic ride as Geomar and the Agricultural Engineer travel the remote roads in Los Ríos as they head to their next farm with century-old cacao trees supporting beautiful purple cacao pods

In the Province of Los Ríos, Geomar has the opportunity to take a guided tour of a 100-year-old cacao forest. These trees we part of the 1920s roaring cacao trade.